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To download the latest version of Dolby Atmos APK 2019 for Android, click on the link given below.

We all have a special space for music in our lives and hearts. It is there to soothe us, to relax us and to refresh our mood. We all wish to have a good sound system in our smartphones through which we can get an amazing sound quality that makes us feel more energetic and excited. What if I tell you that you can get that amazing sound system on your phone? Yes, that’s true! Dolby Atmos is an application that is going to give you all that on your smartphone which was a dream for you before.

Download Dolby Atmos 2019 APK

Application  Dolby Atmos
File Name dolby-atmos-9-0-1-309.apk
Total Size 1.12 MB
Update Version
Minimum Android Version Required Android 7.0 and above
Updated On 27-February-2019
MD5 7691bc5dee95c44b760bce9152f8a513

It is a technology that was invented by Dolby Laboratories which is a name of trust from past 50 years now. It has a surround sound technology that is going to provide you a 3D sound quality with an outstanding extraordinary experience. Take a step ahead with Dolby Atmos to have a completely realistic experience.

It’s not only about listening to music!! Either you are watching a movie, playing games or doing any other thing, you will hear the same amazing audio with this app. You will get the experience of home theatre on your mobile phone only. The application is compatible with all Android devices. It is convenient to use this app and can be used without any trouble.


Some special features that this app will be providing for Android devices:

  1. Amazing Sound Quality: It will completely transform your perception about the sound quality which you had before. With its built-in speakers, it seems like the sound is coming from all the directions. You will get the richness and clarity of sound with full power.
  2. Realistic Experience: With its moving audio feature you are going to have an amazingly realistic experience once you put on your headphones. The sound will feel like as if it moving around you and things are happening for real.
  3. Automatic Optimization: There is a feature in this app called automatic optimization of sound which will adapt to the speaker of your phone automatically to give you the best experience.
  4. More Convenient: With the features like automatic optimization and others, the app is automated and convenient for us. You don’t have to make any setup or change any settings for it. It will adjust automatically to your device.

Start using it by downloading Dolby Atmos APK now and enjoy the package full of entertainment. With its powerful quality, this app will put you in a great mood.

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