Download Instagram APK for Android | Latest Version 2019

You can download the latest version of Instagram APK for Android from the download link provided below. In today’s busy life we hardly get any time to socialize and connect with our friends and family on a regular basis. Here social media is a saviour for all of us, to stay connected with everyone irrespective of time and place. In the year 2019, Instagram APK is one of the best social media app.

About Instagram

It is an online photo and video sharing application that has been developed by Facebook. Its original authors are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who launched it in October 2010 for the first time. After its initial release, there were upgrades that came one by one which improved its compatibility and performance over time.

Download Instagram 2019 Application | APK Update

Application  Instagram
File Name instagram-88-0-0-11-99.apk
Total Size 34.93 MB
Update Version
Minimum Android Version Required Android 4.4 and above
Updated On 08-April-2019
MD5 99f5581d3aeca3beaad44d30661d1289

It’s not only about uploading pictures and videos, but there is a lot more than this. You can make new friends here by sending them a follow request. You can follow your favorite celebrities from sportsperson to actors to singers, everyone has an account on Instagram. Here you can stay connected with them and their life.

There are also some pages on Instagram with the help of which people are running a well-settled business by promoting their products and services through it. The more followers you have, the more your business is going to prosper. It provides a platform to grow your business by reaching a large number of Instagram users.

Instagram Features

Here are some of the main features of the app:

  • Share Photos and Videos: You can share your favorite photos and videos with your friends and followers by uploading them. You can upload upto 10 photos or videos when you are adding them to your feed and can upload as many as you want in your story.
  • Direct Messages: It also provides you with a feature that let you send messages to your friends or followers privately. You can also share different posts or other things with your friends that you like.
  • Go Live: You can also go live with this amazing application and by this, you can keep your followers updated about what you are doing. Maybe you are going to some live concert or something like that and want your friends to see that. Then you can go live anytime and anywhere with this app. Your followers will also get a notification when you go live so that they don’t miss the chance to watch you go live.
  • Editing tools: There are some editing tools also to enhance your picture. This will help you to add some special effects to your pictures by adding some filters to it.
  • Privacy: Your privacy is safe with Instagram! It’s totally upto you whether you want your account to be private or public. If your account is private, then your profile will be viewed by only those whom you allow by accepting their follow requests.

New Added Instagram Features 2019

As there are regular updates of the app, so it comes up with many new features all the time. Here are some newly added features of the app in the year 2019:

  • Close friends list: Now you can make a list of your close friends and dear ones and you can share your story only with them. You can manage this from the settings of your profile.
  • Voice messaging – Now you can send voice message while you are chatting with your friends instantly by just holding the microphone icon shown on your screen and release when done.
  • IGTV: Now, you don’t have to limit your videos to only one minute because Instagram has given a new feature that is IGTV where you can post long videos upto an hour.
  • New Stickers: It has also introduced some new stickers where you can ask questions and do some poll. People usually use these stickers in their stories to know the point of view of their friends about certain things.

Instagram is getting smarter, faster and very less complicated day by day with regular updates, which is liked by millions of people throughout the world. So, download the app now if you haven’t done it yet!

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