Download Opera Mini 39.1.2254.136638 APK | Latest Version 2019

Download the latest version of Opera Mini APK 2019 for Android from the link given below.

Opera mini browser is like walking steps ahead from ordinary browsing. It is the Fastest Web Browser available. Once you use it you will never go for normal browsing from your device. It is a web browser that has been developed by Opera Software (Otello Corporations) 13 years ago from now that is in August 2005. It is available in a total of 90 languages and written in C++, Java, and Pike. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian as well.

Download Opera Mini Browser APK

Application  Opera Mini
File Name operamini-39-1-2254-136638.apk
Total Size 8.72 MB
Update Version 39.1.2254.136638
Minimum Android Version Required Android 4.1 and above
Updated On 01-March-2019
MD5 c0702017acd8f7cd00f1c63e059a767c

With this app, you will have an amazing browsing experience which you never had before. It is two to three times faster than your normal browser as it compresses the web pages upto 90% before you open those pages. You can also save your data now with this compression feature. Although you can change this setting when you want to download something in high quality. You have to go to the settings and select the quality of your choice. It ranges from high to medium and low.

Opera Mini Browser Features:

  • Ad-Blocking: Each one of us gets annoyed when ads come in between while we are browsing. Opera mini browser comes with a feature of ad-blocking so now you won’t get interrupted with those useless ads that keep coming up every time.
  • Fastest Browsing: The main focus of Opera Mini is to provide a faster browsing experience. You can also access your previously visited web pages faster as this browser saves your web history. It also compresses the web pages you search for before showing it to you, so that you can load them faster and this will give you faster browsing experience that too with less data usage.
  • Night Mode: There is also a night mode feature in this app which helps you to have more comfortable browsing by adjusting the brightness and colors of your screen automatically. This will not stress out your eyes when it’s dark and keeps them healthy.
  • Unlimited and Private tabs: Users have permission to open multiple tabs at the same time. They can also use private tabs as there must be something which they don’t want anyone else to find out so now you don’t need to stress over it.
  • All new News Feed: Now, you can also stay updated as it also provides you with news updates so that you will get to know the things of your interest happening around the world.

There are more than 250 million people all over the world who are an active user of this app and they are loving it. Download this app for an amazing browsing experience.

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